Reid Rosefelt's Pinterest Tools


Pin It Button This is the essential Pinterest tool.  It allows you to pin content you find on the web onto Pinterest. 

Shotpin is a Chrome extension that allows you to make frame grabs that you can quickly pin to Pinterest.  This is the only way to easily pin a post from Facebook and it's also great when the picture associated with the post isn't appropriate, or even if there's no picture--you can select the headline.  I often use Shotpin to save a paragraph of text for future reference.  You can read about that here.

Pinstamatic  Using Pinstamatic you can create terrific graphics for your Pinterest Pins without any graphic design skills.   In seconds it will make you: a quote in various fonts;  a sticky pad note in 5 colors; a website screengrab; your Twitter profile, complete with your picture, bio and most recent tweet (which links to your profile); a calendar date graphic (to remind users of a special event); a location map graphic that is clickable to Google Maps; and add captions to photos.

Pinterest Widget Builder will make a PInterest widget or button on your website or app.


Pin Search - A Chrome extension that adds Google Image Search on any picture on Pinterest


PinAlerts will send you regular email alerts telling you how many times images were pinned from your website. 


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