Who Will Play Gary Shteyngart's Dog Felix in the Movie?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I readily admit that this is the oddest and most obscure video I have ever done.  Even if you were perplexed by my Sonya Thomas video, this has the most WTF of all.  

How did this come to be?  Basically, my friend Lee Levine is friends with novelist Gary Shteyngart, whose new book “Super Sad True Love Story” has just been published and is already on the NY Times Bestseller List

Mr. Shteyngart appears to be inordinately proud of his dachshund.   Felix is prominently displayed in his promo video for his book (as is James Franco).  Very funny video, by the way.  Check it out:

Felix is also pictured in the feature on Shteyngart in the current issue of The Atlantic

On his Facebook page, Mr. S. has written: "felix is generally considered the smartest dog on earth. but in this picture i can sense the pensiveness in his eyes. global warming, ongoing violence in uzbekistan, the stalemate in congress. it all takes a toll on this sweet, compassionate dachshund."

Anyway there has been Facebook correspondence about who will play Felix in a purported movie.  Somehow this connected with my love of Zach Galifianakis, and this video was the result.