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How to Make a Shareable Square Part One: PicMonkey

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shareable-Square-PicMonkey-Here’s how you can create a Shareable Square without any graphic design training. First you need to make a white 806x806 file.

Go to Click “create a new image.” Fill in width 806 and height 806, name it and save it in a place that’s easy to find as you will use this a lot.

Go to PicMonkey. There’s no registration required.. Click “edit a photo.” You can upload the picture or even drag and drop it.

Type ToolbarThe P icon is text. Click the button that says “Add Text” Once you put something in the box it’s very easy and intuitive to change the type font, color, size. So play with it. You’ll be an expert in no time.

Even though I love fonts, I like that PicMonkey gives you very few choices. There are so many fonts available online that it can be a real time sponge if you think about fonts too much. On PicMonkey if you want Arial Black to not be italic you are out of luck. PicMonkey is kind of like Netflix streaming; you may not be able to get the font you want but you can always find something that you will like, and maybe something better.

Overlays Toolbar 2Click the icon underneath the P, the overlays editor, and if you want to bring a picture in you can do that by clicking the button at the top that says “Your Own.”

So here’s how I created the square from my last post.

1) I brought in the picture of the little little guy in the box (he is the letter “x” from the free font bitsbats on

2) I played around with the type and changed the size and placement of the little guy until I was happy.

3) Then I clicked the bottom icon and looked for backgrounds for my type and box guy. I found one I liked in the Papyrus section. Done!

There are three quality choices for saving a picture in PicMonkey: small, medium and large. If your picture is under 4 MB it shouldn’t matter because Facebook compresses it anyway, but I’m still experimenting with whether it’s better for me to do the compression myself. The only drawback (and it’s a big one) is that you can’t save the actual file--you can only savCosmopolise the file of the finished print. If you want to go back and change it later you have to start all over again.

PicMonkey has an easy-to-use, intuitive interface similar to Apple programs. Kids will like it as you can do all kinds of silly things with it.  It also has a “create a collage” button on the home page.

Have fun exploring PicMonkey!

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