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Shareable Square Case Study: Michael DiBiasio

Saturday, October 06, 2012

As readers of this blog and my Facebook page are well aware, I have a very simple attitude to success on Facebook—creating images that people will share.  And most importantly, images that are directed at a goal. The-Shareable-Square---BlueCalls to Action are essential as are all the other advice we can get from the wise people in the social media world.  But success comes out of images that make things happen for us. 

Oh yeah, and I dictate that the images be square, because that means they can always be seen on every page in Facebook without parts of them being cropped out. 

Today I’m doing a case history from a filmmaker Michael DiBiasio, who has put his Shareable Squares into action on Facebook for his Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to finance his upcoming film, “Multiverse.”   Here’s his first one, made using a picture of his dog. When he posted this one, he put a “threat” in the text box, saying that she wouldn’t get any hugs if nobody donated: Afterwards, Michael posted a thank you with a different picture. Please Help My Daddy

Let me let Michael take over:  “I  shamelessly edited some cute, funny pictures of my niece, nephew, dog...into faux-silly threats. Everyone seems to be enjoying them so far, and it's definitely helped increase visibility. We've seen some donations come in directly after posting! And it's a lot of fun to put these together in between the crazy busy-ness of producing.”  Note: No teddy bears were harmed in the creation of this square.  Also note that with this square Michael started including the URL for his Indiegogo campaign.

Do these qualify as “calls to action?” They certainly combine humor with cuteness, two of the most shareable qualities you can find.

Teddy Bear

  Michael says the square below worked quite well for him:

This Baby Will Not Get a Pizza PieI’m sure Mari Allen would appreciate the way Michael thanks people below.  It’s always nice to thank people when they send you money.

Thanks for the Pizza Pie

Having had his fill of tormenting children and small animals, Michael moved on to mentions of his previous films.  This first one refers to his first movie, which was made possible through the help of his core audience of friends and family from his hometown.  This shot features extras from that audience.

Note that Michael uses an authentic Facebook “call to action” for the first time here and in the next one:

Over Easy

Sex and Justice

And finally, his most successful square to date.  The Call to Action has engaged the fan base of his lead actress and creative producer Rebecca De Ornelas.

Lead Actress

Michael followed each square with an immediate comment that included the link to IndieGogo.  linked  this square to his Indiegogo page. This provided immediate incentive and made donating/action easier.

lick the image below and send him some money right now.  After all, Michael has entertained us and that’s what social media is all about.   The jargon for this in the social media world is “added value.”

Multiverse on IndieGogo

Thanks Michael for sharing this.

I hope that I will be doing blog posts on the activities of the members of my page as a regular feature of this blog.  I already have a few things for next Saturday, but I could use more.  Come on, people!  Show me what you’re up to and I’ll give you a little more publicity on this page.  And if you haven’t created any squares, please post your comments about Michael’s work on my Facebook page.

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