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The Shareable Square: PhotoFunia

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

PhotoFuniaYou shouldn’t spend a lot of time making your Shareable Squares-- ten to fifteen minutes tops. The most important thing is to put one up every day. What will slow you down is too many choices. There are thousands of fonts available online. There are probably over a hundred online and iPad apps that allow you to dramatically change the colors, mix in photographic layers, add type and frames. The options for combining all these things is infinite, and you If you try to futz around with a few of these, you can spend all day. If you’re having fun, then go for it, but I want you to make a square at least once a day, in whatever way works out for you. Take an hour sometime and do two or three of them. Trust me, sometimes you think you’ve done a masterpiece and nobody notices; then you’ll toss something off in two minutes and it will be huge. It’s the ideas that make a square or break it.

That’s why I recommend PicMonkey. (My post on it is here.) It has very few type fonts and very few things you can do with colors and frames. Spend a few months with it and you’ll know everything it can do.

PhotoFunia-LogoStill, if you go on my Facebook page now and then, you’ve seen me do some silly, yet impressive composites, which look like they might have taken a bit of time to do.  These come from the site PhotoFunia. This site can magically pop your pictures into posters, art galleries, billboards, 1000!frames, drawings, magazines, on TV sets, books, and so on. It also has excellent technology for grafting faces onto other bodies or turning somebody into a zombie. All you have to do is upload your photo, click “Go!” and you’re done. All that is left is to crop it into an 803 x 803 pixel square.

PhotoFunia will give you ideas when you don’t have any. Every time you want to let people know there is a new review, you can either take a frame grab or a PicMonkey quote and throw it on a billboard or put it in an art gallery. There’s ample room for imagination with this beyond fooling around. For example, you could take an image of something really tragic, and by putting it on the cover of a magazine casually held by a model, turn it into an image of how people are casually oblivious to the awful things that go on in the world.


There are many other sites like this as well as Facebook and iPad apps that do similar things, although each one has some special effects that the others don’t. Still, I strongly suggest that you keep it simple and start with PhotoFunia and stick with it, at least for awhile. Keep as few tools and options as possible and you will get the most impact out of your Facebook fan page in the least time.

By the way, please keep posting your squares on my Facebook page and I will re-post them. Let me know whether they are working for you and if you give me permission to put them up on the blog too.

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